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we can keep our bodies health by exercising regulary.The human body is designed for movement and it needs exercise in order to function  properly. different kinds of exercise enable us to build up strength,suppleness,and stamina-the three main elements of physical fitness.
Exercise improves the effciency of the lungs and cardivascular system.It may also sarve as an effective defense against heart disease.The heart is a muscle.It will perform less efficiently if it is not kept in good shape.This is true of all our muscles and joints. If used properly,they will remain in good condition.If neglected,they will deteriorate-even in young people. In other ways.too,we can influence our own physical health,for better or worse,through the

choises we make or the habits we from.For example,smoking cigrattes damages the lungs and causes cancer.We can choose between risking our health or not smoking. Similarly,too much exposure to spend a bit less time in the sun or to wear protective clothing. Physical well-being is also influenced by our eating habits.Overeating leads to overweight. And overweight can contribute to a variety of disorders,including high blood pressure and heart disease.Eating too little can also lead to health problems.We need a well-balanced diet in order to function properly.Teenagers,with thier rapidly growing bodies,need to pay
particular attention to what they eat.
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