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Top Ten Curly Hairstyle

Written By latifah gurape on Thursday, November 24, 2011 | 11:02 PM

Most of the people their crazy curly hair, but I noticed two things, such as curly hairstyles are difficult to make the hair curly and the second where there is no compromise. If you make a horse's tail will be either up or down, and you'll see a set of braids. People, mostly women seem concerned about the curly hair, there is need of some quick and easy hairstyle is not easy. For this purpose we provide you with a ridiculous hairstyle curly hair that takes a maximum 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

This is because the hairstyle is easy and fast, and it needs simple materials such as pins to connect up to the hair, hair band to catch on the hair, while the lotion to keep the hair in place.

The following steps
Various steps to curly hairstyle is as follows: -
(1) comb hair with wide tooth comb. Linked to a half of hair back and secure with the band using a hair comb.
(2) Mark your natural hair line and therefore are split your hair into two equal halves from the front. Take one half and divide into more sections 1-2. Pin of the sections with pins about one inch away from the horse's tail.
(3) Repeat this process with the other half of the door of the hair. Take one of the curl back and put in the line of attack, but did not comment it. It will look really good and give you a beautiful hairdo quick and easy.
(4) Finally, to keep the hair in position on the application of a spray, but did not forget to keep a smile.

Tips for Healthy Hair
• Drink plenty of water daily. Water not only hydrates your body and keep, but also give you the hair soft and shiny.
• The green coriander juice to be useful for hair growth.
• Eat plenty of green vegetables, eggs, milk, oil, honey, wheat and yeast, these supplements are necessary to nourish the hair and growth.
• Make usually drink mix bananas with honey, yogurt and low-fat milk a day.
• If you do not have enough food to take vitamin B6, protein, and silica. This is sufficient for your health.
• Eat red meat because it contains iron and carries oxygen to the hair.
• live a life free of stress. That severely affects the health of hair.

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