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Karen Swift Missing Tennessee Body Found

Written By latifah gurape on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 12:54 AM

A missing person investigation a murder investigation when authorities confirmed that the body was discovered near the highway, Tennessee, which was Swift, Karen Johnson, a mother of four who disappeared on Oct. 30.
She was there for some time, "said Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box of ABC News" Tennessee Bank WBBJ - TV ". Had concealed the body by the plant."
The body quickly in the area covered by vineyards and there are no indications that the killing in a different location, according to the Sheriff. Where the body was found three miles from the place and found the car abandoned Swift, a white 2004 Nissan Murano, with a flat tire.
The box elements that were recovered from her car may be the key to achieve, but would not put on the items.

He was seen for the last time a fast, 44-year, at the hands of her husband in her home at about Dyersburg 01:30 and care have only about a mile away from her home. Dyersburg about 75 miles to the north-east of the city of Memphis.
The box was found near the remains of the cemetery by a bystander, and that he had ruled the death a homicide.
There were some injuries to the body and clear, "said Fund WBBJ" We're going to wait to allow the final autopsy report to tell us about the extent of the injuries. "
The police chief said it could be two weeks before the Memphis medical examiner releases the final autopsy report. Police now focus on finding the killer Swift.
At this time we have not named any suspects, and that you will not see us the names of suspects until we are sure it will be useful to the investigation, "said Fund.
The police chief said it was the exclusion of any one of a suspect yet.
The father of a quick Gary Johnson (67 years) disappeared when the Swift ABCNews.com that her four children, boys and girls and destroyed by the Mon
She did not miss a day they can remember they were not there to wake them up at 6 am, "said Johnson.
Swift and his two sons in college and her daughters are 7 and 9 years. Johnson said his granddaughter smaller "just screams" and "will not eat at all."
Has been rapid in the divorce process, police say her husband had cooperated with the investigation.
No one wants to see it end this way and all our prayers to her family, "said Fund.
Grown rapidly, even in Arkansas, and her close friend from high school, said Janet Ross of ABC News "TV Jonesboro Kit learned that her friend's death when Swift called her mother on Sunday night.
As soon as I answered, she said, "It's her," said Ross. "Her mother said to me last night, and said:" Well, we found my daughter. Now I want to know who did this to my child. "
Ross said Swift never would have left her children voluntarily.
I certainly do not think Karen wandered miles away from her three children, the car on the road and stumbled in some herbs and died, "said Ross, Kait:" I want to know who it was, and I want to trial.

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