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The singer insists her marriage to Russell Brand is still going strong. So why isn’t anyone convinced?
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Katy Perry and Russell Brand put on a united front - but is the strain starting to show?
The internet exploded last week with false reports that Katy Perry and Russell Brand, 36, had filed for divorce.
Katy, 27, took 24 hours to deny the allegations, Tweeting: ‘First I'm pregnant, then I'm divorced.
So why was the world so quick to believe the 14-month marriage had ended?

Probably because the couple have been apart for much of their marriage, with Katy admitting to ‘booking in' to see her husband ‘months in advance.'
On their wedding anniversary in October, they met in New York, but Katy wasn't pleased about having to fly in from her European tour.
They'd planned to meet in Ireland,' says a source.
But then Russell agreed to some stand-up dates in LA.
They compromised on New York but Katy was upset.'
Even so, the couple intend to take their vows seriously.
A friend of Katy's says: 'They have a stormy relationship, but she says they're in it for the long haul.'
Read the full story about Katy Perry and Russell Brand in Now magazine dated 12 December - out now!
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