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Role of Breast Tattoos

Written By latifah gurape on Friday, March 30, 2012 | 12:54 PM

Breast tattoos are available in various sizes, shapes, forms and purposes. However, a majority of females regard breast tattoo as a unique and sexy way to arrest attention of people towards their breasts. Some other females also take an extra step towards breast tattooing. They undergo a breast reconstructive surgery and insist on their nipple reconstruction to get that extra skin on their nipples. And then get it tattooed to make it apparently real. Well, this procedure is costly and also involves patience and courage as nipple tattooing can be a painful experience.

Moving further into the aspects of breast tattooing, you can find that along with enhancing the sexual appeal of the breasts, these tattoos also act as a decorative means for breasts. Women with smaller breasts tend to believe that these tattoos can make their breasts look better, and women with fuller breasts believe that these tattoos would make their breasts look plumper.
Today, there are several designs of breast tattoo available with the tattoo artists. Some of the most popular and most common designs are feathers, stars, hearts, lips, flowers, tribal symbols and butterflies. However these tattoos can also be customized as per your wish. But you need to be careful, before you get yourself tattooed. You need to be very confident and ascertained of a particular professional tattoo artist.
There are some women who want to get a breast tattoo, but are shy of revealing themselves to the tattoo artists. As a result they land up searching up for homemade tattoos which could later cause infections. So you should avoid such conditions and find a tattoo artist with whom you feel comfortable and confident. You can even ask your friends to find a reliable professional tattoo artist. But you should avoid home made tattoos at all costs as the equipment and material used by an unprofessional tattoo artist can prove harmful for your skin.
Breast tattoos are highly advantageous for women suffering from breast cancer as well. Don’t believe that? Well, read on. Women suffering from breast cancer have to undergo a breast surgery. This breast surgery is known as mastectomy; wherein the entire breast is removed from the body. Now, if women want to have their breast reconstructed for a genuine look, they have to take aid of the breast tattoos. Now, as the breast is formed again, women can choose to have their nipples reconstructed as well. Now, the doctors would take skin of some other part of the body to form a nipple and then tattoo that constructed nipple so that it suits the color of the other breast. This is one of the commonest forms of nipple reconstruction wherein the role of breast tattoos comes into play.

Considering these various aspects of breast tattoos, you can certainly say that breast tattoos are more than just raw sexuality enhancer.
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