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Tips Wearing Neon Box

Written By latifah gurape on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 | 5:30 AM

Tips Wearing Neon Box
Neon Box is the perfect way to display the ads. Neon Boxes are usually made ​​of acrylic / colibrite / ultralon and on the inside were light, so it would be clearly visible and readable. Neon Boxes make your ads look to be interesting, therefore, many people are now starting to switch to using neon box, other than that the price is quite affordable neon box. Exclusion also obtained using neon this box.

In order to be highly visible neon box well there are some tips that you can practice:

- Use a clear font and avoid letters that are too curvy.

- Place the neon boxes at strategic locations to be easily read by passers-by, for example, facing the side of the road.

- Use neon box quality materials and durable

- Choose Neon Box easy to maintain, easy to replace either lamps or put it back.
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