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Tips on How to Overcome Jealousy

Written By latifah gurape on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 | 7:15 PM

Tips on How to Overcome Jealousy
Jealousy sometimes makes us avoid our spouses, because we did not obtain couples feel comfortable again with blind jealousy. to avoid it, we must know how to deal with the jealousy.

here it is a few tips to overcome jealousy

1. Create a list

If you have more focus on the things that make jealous the start is doing the opposite. The most important way to overcome jealousy is to focus on something that actually does not make you jealous and learn to focus on the fun of your life.

2. control your anger

Controlling anger is not an easy thing to do. When someone burns jealous about something, then people will start to vent his anger. To overcome this, you have to focus to remain calm. Look at the things you already have in life.

3. refresher

Perform activities that can make you relaxed and refreshed. Thus, you do not feel jealous or envious of those things around.

4. Talk with your spouse

Communication is the most important to address the nature of jealousy. Talk to your partner if you feel jealous rather than leave them aside. If you open your heart, at least the problem will be slightly reduced.
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