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Angry Birds

Written By latifah gurape on Sunday, December 11, 2011 | 9:53 AM

Grow up very quickly, right? Of course we are talking about all those birds and pigs, angry thieves who go en masse two years old today. That's right, it's been 24 months and until today since audiences fell in love with classical Rovio for a moment, and this love led to the destruction of the swine countless structures, and we do not even want to try to calculate the man lost / hours of women and loss of productivity, which announced the bird angry.
To mark the occasion, Rovio requires an increase of 15 gala birthday cake new levels, new menus and graphics, achievements and special birthday gala. There's more.

Holiday birthday gift to our fans, are now all closed loops! "Rovio announced in a blog post." Also, make sure check out our channel's new Rovio, which allows you instant access to your favorite content of angry birds. "
If you happen to be out and about looking for storage stuffers, Rovio says Toys 'R' Us, and 25 percent of the angry bird plush toys in addition to the icon that opens the angry birds bonus level Google Chrome.
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