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Michelle pfeiffer and Zac Efron's kiss

Written By latifah gurape on Sunday, December 11, 2011 | 10:09 AM

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Zac Efron caused a kiss to Michelle Pfeiffer great concern, and assure the actor 24 years. Efron was very concerned about kissing Michelle Pfeiffer, age 53, he began to think about a kiss on his next film, New Year's Eve.
In an interview today show with Matt Lauer, Zac Efron seemed excited about his kiss with Michelle Pfeiffer, although it is 29 years older than him. Efron said, "Are you kidding? It's the best part in the film!" Ware thought a kiss Cougar may be awkward for Efron, but not it seems!
Pfeiffer and Efron admitted that kissing the New Year's Eve and improvised in the original. Decided to write a kiss in itself. Efron said, "turned out to be really enjoyable, and we had some kind of idea, and we really want to spice it."
Michelle Pfeiffer explained that she was a little nervous about the kiss Zac Efron. She said: "It is always a little nerve racking those scenes." Actress A - List nervous about kissing such a large piece of the young Zach?
He pointed out that Pfeiffer then kissing New Year's Eve was less "shock" it's Efron and expected it to be. Is not it funny that people worry about what happens rarely? Why Efron Pfeiffer and I think will happen when the kiss? Fireworks, perhaps?
Pfeiffer said, "I think we started thinking that it was going to be a bit more of a shock, which ends today." Yes! This is life ... The truth is much less exciting than fiction.

He pointed out that Efron kiss plot was more interesting if they were more spontaneous ... Funny! Kisses all happier and more attractive when they come naturally rather than planned. Perhaps it should be Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron kiss and kiss improvised? It certainly may seem more natural and awkward, is not it?
The Efron moments of fun for a kiss, "was in my mind, I picture the way, it will not be perfect and very romantic, and the man who leads a very." No life ever work perfectly, Zach? No
Continuation of Zac Efron, "then of course, as we went to film it, right when I went to drop it, and a large piece of colored paper went directly to my mouth. I did not want to end the kiss like that, so I spit and went for it, and this in Indeed, in the film. "
I do not think Michelle Pfeiffer was younger actor in a dramatic kiss for New Year's Eve? Haha ... No. Think it's nice. Oh! Kiss of death for Zac Efron. Pfeiffer said, "It was not very exciting, but it was nice." Guess there's no chance of Efron and Pfeiffer after installing him a kiss "cute."
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